Pontresina, Engadina - A cloudy morning is waiting for athlets, walkers and runners, for the annual Muragl Lauf. It is time to explore the new path from Pontresina to Val Roseg, it is time to taste the atmosphere of one of the highest Run in the Swiss calendar. From 1900 m to 1700 m, walkers and runners have to face smooth air, mountain wind, but it is always an adventure worth to be lived. Great morning, today,with people along the way to encourage all of us and people at the arrival iin Samedan full of ethusiasm. Breathtaking mountain view, friendship and competition: my deep reasons to be here, year after year, to face one of my best sport, Nordic Walking, to meet my friends. Are you ready for the next Muragl Lauf? 

Chiara M. , August 2016